Day 0, 23.06.2013
17.00 - Arrival and registration
20.00- Welcom reception


Day 1, 24.06.2013
W. Blaszczak, J.Fornal, B.Wróblewska (Poland)
1. It happened 15 years ago–J.Fornal
2. Conference today – W.Blaszczak
3. Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research PAS in Olsztyn – B.Wróblewska Scientific Director of the Division of Food Sciences

Morning Session 1.
10.30-12.00 – Chairmen – J. Fornal (Poland), V. Morris (England), A-M. Hermansson (Sweden)
PL.1. Microstructure design – A.M. Hermansson (Sweden) – plenary lecture
PL.2. Food microstructure: from farm to cell -. J.M.Aguilera (Chile) – plenary lecture
OP.1. Verification of the structural design of a multilayered food encapsulate by multiple imaging techniques – P.Heussen, G. van Dalen, P. Nootenboom, I.Smit, J.van Duynhoven (The Netherlands)
OP.2. A comparison between microstructural and rheological parameters of dark and milk chocolate during process – V. Glicerina, F. Balestra, M. Dalla Rosa, S. Romani (Italy)
12.00-12.30 - Coffee brake
12.30-13.30 Morning Session 2.
Chairmen - W. Blaszczak (Poland), A. Marangoni (Canada),
OP.3. Microstructure analysis tools applied to grain quality assessment, dough and bread quality evaluation – C.M. Rosell, R. Altamirano-Fortoul, R. Garzon, (Spain)
OP.4. Effects of high hydrostatic pressure processing on microstructures of plant based food products, K. Ghafoor (Kingdom of South Arabia)
OP 5., Controlled release of L-ascorbic acid from hydrogels based on high pressure treated and autoclaved starches - A.R. Górecki, W. Błaszczak, A. Szwengiel, A. Badura, A. Buciński (Poland)
OP.6. Binding of nutritional interest molecules to high pressure partially gelatinized starch granules (oligoelements and natural antioxidant substances) – A.S. Texeira, L. Deladino, M.N. Martino – I. Alvarez, A.D. Molina Garcia (Spain)
13.30 -15.00 - Lunch
15.00-16.30 - Afternoon Session – Chairmen ,  M.Peleg (USA), JM. Aguilera (Chile),
PL.3. Plant microstructure and biomechanics – A. Zdunek (Poland) – plenary lecture
PL.4. Mechanical properties, glass transition, and perceived texture of brittle porous foods – M. Peleg (USA) – plenary lecture
OP.7. Structural changes of green peas during multi-stage combined heat pump and microwave vacuum drying – M. Zielińska, P. Zapotoczny, O. Alves-Filho, T.M. Eikevik, W. Błaszczak (Poland, Norway)
OP. 8. Frying conditions affects structure development and some quality attributes of fabricated matrices from wheat starch and vital gluten - O.P. Sobukola, V. Dueik, L. Munoz, P. Buchon (Nigeria, Chile)
16.30 – 16.45 – Coffee break – JEOL Poland Exhibition
16.45 – 17.30 - Poster session
Evaluators: M. Peleg (USA), G.Lewandowicz  (Poland), T. B.Mills, Norton, J. Norton (United Kingdom)
20.00 – Dinner (barbecue)


Day 2, 25.06.2013
Morning Session  1.
10.00 - 12.00 – Chairmen:M.Peleg, G.Lewandowicz (USA, Poland)
PL.5. Crystalization and structure of wax crystal networks - Y. Miyazaki, A.G. Marangoni (Japan, Canada) – plenary lecture
PL.6. Understanding oral responses on microstructure  level – T. B. Mills, I. Norton, (United Kingdom) – plenary lecture
OP.9. Understanding the effect of the water-oil interface on the phenomenon of interfacial and bulk crystallization in water-in-cocoa butter emulsions – V. di Bari, J.F. Norton, I.T. Norton –(United Kingdom)
OP.10. Food grade W/O nanoemulsions from a high-pressure valve homogenizer and microfluidizer – L. Lee, R. Hancocks, I. Noble, I. Norton – (United Kingdom)
OP.11. High speed homogenizer: Influence of physical parameters on the production of nanoemulsions_ K.C.S Galvao, P.J.A. Sobral, A.A. Vcente – (Brazil, Portugal)
12.00-12.30 – Coffee break
Morning Session 2.
12.30 – 13.30 – Chairmen: PJ. Lillford, S. Mleko (United Kingdom, Poland),
OP. 12. Understanding of food-grade emulsion formation using confined impinging jet reactor - R. Pichot, I.T. Norton (United Kingdom)
OP.13. Rotating and cross-flow SPG membranes comparison with a high-shear mixer for the encapsulation stability of food grade duplex emulsions – A. Pawlik, I.T. Norton (United Kingdom)
OP. 14. Self-structuring of gellan gum for controlled energy release in-vitro and in vivo – J.E. Norton, T.B. Mills, G.A. Wallis (United Kingdom)
OP.15. Tixotropic properties of native potato starch depending on degree of the granules gelatinization – M.Sikora, G. Adamczyk, M. Krystjan, A. Dobosz, P.Tomasik, W. Berski, M. Łukasiewicz (Poland)
13.30 – 15.00 - Lunch
Afternoon session
15.00-17.15 – Chairmen: D.-W. Sun, A.Zdunek, (Ireland, Poland,)
PL. 7. Multidimensional, multi-slice and multi-scale MRI for quality evaluation in food – P. Barreiro (Spain) – plenary lecture – video presentation
PL.8. Hyperspectral imaging as a tool in food quality evaluation – D.-W. Sun (Ireland)  - plenary lecture
OP.16. Use of near-infrared hyperspectral imaging in meat microbiology: visualization of bacteria on chicken fillets as an example – Y.Z. Feng, D.-W. Sun (Ireland)
OP.17. Hyperspectral imaging for visualizing the spatial distribution of moisture, drip loss and color in salmon fillets- H.-J. He, D.-W. Sun (Ireland)
16.30-16.45 – Coffee break
OP.18. Low-field NMR- non destructive method of the food analysis -H. M. Baranowska (Poland)
OP.19.Modelling and optimization of ultrasound-assisted extraction of phenolics from wine lees- Y. Tao, D.-W. Sun (Ireland)
OP. 20. Technological properties study of the modified casing- for better performance of casing during immersion vacuum cooling- Ch.-H. Fenf, L. Drummond, Z._H. Zhang, D.-W. Sun (Ireland)
17.30-18.15 Poster session
20.00 – Galla Diner


Day 3, 26.06.2013
Morning Session
9.30 -11.30 – Chairmen : C.Rosell, P.J. Lillford, (Spain, United Kingdom)
PL. 9. Application of Atomic Force Microscopy and Force Spectroscopy in the study of food hydrocolloid structure and function – V.J. Morris, (United Kingdom)
PL. 10. The future challenges for food microstructure – P.J. Lillford (United Kingdom)
OP.21. Short-living radicals as sensitive indicators of starch structure – J. Szczygieł, E. Bidzińska, K. Dyrek, K. Kruczała (Poland)
OP. 22. Molecular structure of native and pregelatinized potato starch – J. Lewandowicz, A.Szwengiel  (Poland)
Conference Awards and Closing Ceremony: - W. Blaszczak, A.-M. Hermansson (Poland, Sweden)
11.30 – lunch and departure to air ports.