During the Food Structure & Functionality Conference the following forms of presentation are planned:


  • plenary lectures,
  • short communications,
  • posters.

Guidelines for oral presentation

Plenary lectures are scheduled for a 30 minutes each and short communications for 10 minute each. Short communications will be selected by the Scientific Committee based on abstracts submitted by Delegates. The decision of the Scientific Committee will be passed to nominated participants by e-mail not later than 31 March 2013.

The presentations can be prepared in MS PowerPoint or Adobe PDF or iWork Keynote. Use simple, large type text and graphs and avoid simultaneous use of red and green, which may not be distinguished by colour-blind persons.

Whenever possible speakers are kindly requested to submit their presentations at least one day before the start of the conference (e-mail: ). During the conference, a room for preview of presentations will be available (Computer Room).

Guidelines for poster production

Poster will measure 7 0 cm (width) x 100 cm (height) and pins will be provided for hanging the posters. Each poster board will have a personal poster number to be found in the book of abstracts. The poster sessions are planned to take place in the afternoon on 24th and 25th June. The posters should be available for viewing during the whole day.

! Do not miss any poster session since the special award will be funded for the best poster presented

 The letters used on the poster should be large enough to be read at a distance of 1.5 m (e.g. 28 points). Avoid excessive experimental details and lengthy discussions and present data in tables or figures wherever possible. Use a poster layout that follows the abstract outline (purpose, methods, results, conclusions). You may also consider bringing some handouts of your poster presentation.