“Food Structure and Functionality Conference
– 15 years lat

23rd - 26th JUNE 2013 Stare Jablonki, POLAND


“A proper understanding of the behaviour of material requires knowledge of its structure, i.e. the spatial arrangement of various elements and their interactions” 

Isaac Heertje  

“Food microstructure is the organisation of elements within a food and their interactions”  

Jose Miguel Aquilera    

"Structure is the ultimate expression of the complexity of nature."

Alejandro G. Marangoni


Among many conferences and congresses taking place all over the world this particular conference is of a unique value as it will focus on crucial topics and is closely related to the great event that was held in Mrągowo in Poland - 15 years ago.

This conference calls again Food Structure & Functionality creating a possibility to exchange recent scientific knowledge on the relationship between food structure – processing - physicochemical food properties – the main driver for food quality and safety.

The Food Structure & Functionality Conference will provide a venue for scientific discussion and exchange of information on

-      physicochemical techniques applied in structural analysis of food products,

-      future trends with emphasis put on the microscope methods (3D-Computer tomography, hyperspectral imaging), and/or

-      how to design high quality food on the basis of knowledge about the “arrangement of various elements and their interactions” (Heertje, 1993)

Some history....

Conference on “Structure and Functionality of Food Products” was organized by IAR&FR PAS in Mrągowo, Poland in May 1998. The conference was attended by over 110 participants from 16 countries. During the meeting 7 plenary lectures, 22 short communications and 55 posters were presented. Invitations to the conference were accepted by excellent specialists in the field of microscopy and its application in the analysis of structure and functionality of food products.

It was a great honor to host A.-M. Hermannson (Sweden), I. Heertje and H. Blonk (Netherlands), F. Escher (Switzerland) R. Taylor (France),
W. Buchheim (Germany).

The final effect of the conference was the special issue of the Polish Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences (two parts) in which presentations were published. It was 15 years ago, so we can almost say “…once upon the time”.

We would like to kindly invite you to the “Food Structure and Functionality Conference – 15 years later” on 23-26 June 2013 in Stare Jablonki, POLAND.