Fodstrukture 2013

Pilar Barreiro Elorza

Full-Professor in Agricultural Engineering since 2010 in the Department of Rural Engineering ETSIA, Technical University of Madrid. She began her career in the field of post harvest sensing technologies (on-line and at-line). The maturity of this technology together with recent advances in mechatronics and precision farming encouraged her to incorporate these subjects along with electronics and applied robotics in agriculture in the new Curriculum 1996, all within the framework of close cooperation with other teachers from various departments of the Polytechnic University of Madrid and European Universities; has participated in 29 research projects, and directed 10 (2 of them European). With high rate recognition over 20 year research, has 43 and 80 articles in scientific professional journals respectively; has directed nine doctoral theses, three of them with European Mention, and Coordinates a group of undergraduate and graduate students interested in these areas. Her research interests focus on the development and implementation of smart sensors, mechatronics and robotics in the framework of agricultural mechanization, an activity that combines with various active projects on educational innovation.